This year, we will be sending 8 students to our district S.T.E.M. Fair competition, which will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at Thomas E. Weightman Middle School in Wesley Chapel.

Congratulations to our 8 school finalists!

Gabe Bustinza, 5th grade – Miss Richard

Hayden Engel, 5th grade – Mr. CT

Maleah Seese,  5th grade – Mr. CT

Dorian Withers, 4th grade – Mr. Cashman

Iyana Robles, 5th grade – Mrs. Andrews

Ella Parmenter, 3rd grade – Mrs. Delate

Aliyah Exum, 4th grade – Ms. Shrimali

Kaylee Nunes, 4th grade – Ms. Leroux